Whats new is Shopables 1.1 ?

Finally Shopables new update is finally out. We added bunch of new features and in this blog post we will describe each new feature.

  • Shoppable Slider Generator

Now you can generate shoppable images slider instantly within a minute. Just upload multiple images, click on each image and create tags. Select the behavior of tags (Opened, Closed & Hover) and select the theme (Dark or Light).

You’ll receive iframe code, select the code according to your images aspect ratio. If it is a square images slider select 1:1. If it is landscape select 16:9 etc.

Shoppable sliders can be great for showing multiple products in multiple images through a nice carousel style.

Shopables,slider generator,
Shoppable Slider Generator
  • Statistics

Now you can see the stats of your sliders and images to see how they are performing. You can see the views, clicks on the links and % click through rate.
In few days we will add countries lists as well so you can see from which countries you are getting views and clicks.

Shopables Statistic feature
  • Themes

Now you can change style of shoppable tags. We added two options. Dark and Light. If your images are mostly white background we recommend you to use dark theme and if it is more dark then you should use light theme. To make your tags more prominent.

shopables,dark, theme
Example of Dark theme
  • New Plans

Now you have got new plans. Lite and Pro plan. Lite will offer you limited creations which is 35 creations in total. You still get the same features as Pro plan but you are limited with creations. Creations means creating sliders or images.

There maybe few bugs, but we are working on fixing them to give you best value and experience.

Start creating!

Shopables Tags Behaviors

There are three different ways your shoppable tags can work. This blogpost will explain you each of them

  • Opened
  • Closed
  • Open on Hover


In this your tags and its details will be opened when someone will open the page where you added that shoppable. This is how it will look like



In this you tag details will be closed but tags will be animating. When people will click on tag it will show the details. This is how it will look like.

Open On Hover

This is our most recommenced behavior, as this catches more attention.  In this when someone will hover over the image then the tag details will appear. When they are not hovering they will only see animated tags. This is how it will look like. (Please hover over the image)

We’re on Product Hunt!

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