How to connect your Shopify Store

This is how you connect your Shopify store with Shopables.

How to get Storefront API key?


  1. From your Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Click Manage private apps.
  3. Click Create a new private app.
  4. Fill out the details private app. (e.g App name: Shopables & Email:
  5. Scroll down a bit. In the Storefront API section, select Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API.
  6. Click on Save -> Create App
  7. Now you will get Storefront access token
Shopify Storefront API key

Now we need to get myshopify Store URL

Where to find Store URL?


  • Login to your Shopify Admin Panel. Take a look at left panel.
  • Click on Online Store under Sales Channel tab.
  • You will see a sub menu in it click on “Domains”.
  • Copy your primary domain name which ends with That’s it.

Now you have got both Storefront API key and Store URL. Let’s connect it with your Shopables account. Go to My Account page. You will “Connect Shopify Store” option.

Paste both Storefront API key and Store URL. Click on SAVE. Done! You have successfully connected your shopify store with Shopables. You are ready to give visitors an option to checkout directly from image for the first time.

Try now:

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